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Involve to Evolve

Learning new skills is the new mantra to survive this pandemic. Life has become pretty much routine in today’s life. We are either busy with our work, following the news on the virus, or watching different entertainment media. We are living under constant fear or frustration due to isolation.

However, if we give it a thought, how this isolation is helping us to evaluate our life? To rethink what we are doing, and if we are on the right path in life. There is a convulsion if there will be layoffs, job losses, and recession. 
Do you know what it is, It is “Thanatophobia”, fear of losing and it is weakening our self-confidence. And the few irresponsible acts of the media are putting fuel in the dirty politics, and the incautious and reckless behavior of a few people.

However, It is time for us to be mature and behave maturely. Now what “Maturity” means-

“Maturity is not when we start speaking big things.

But Maturity is when you start understanding the small things”.

To be our own motivation, we must start understanding the small needs of our life, then only we can achieve the big goals we set for ourselves.

Thanatophobia, now that we know what it is, what we shall do to counter it-

We must involve in activities, which will help us evolve- What is it mean to be “Evolved”, To evolve means to develop gradually. In biology, evolution is the change in the characteristics of a species over several generations and relies on the process of natural selection.

Good times became good memories and bad times become good lessons”

How to Evolve-

Reading with focus is the best way to Learn


If you are a reader, you either read books that make you more aware of your conscience or make you learn new things, or just entertain you for some time. 

Skill Development-

If you want to learn a new skill but due to the everyday routine, are unable to pursue it. Use this time as an advantage.

Challenge yourself-

Skills that you learn will add wattage to your abilities. Do not limit yourself to others’ opinions or past experiences. Whether you want to learn music, try your hands on guitar, wanted to weave your own sweater, have a passion for writing, or always want to bake that perfect cupcake, make it happen. Do not be afraid to challenge yourself.

Set an everyday Goal-

How to do that, first you need to choose what you want to do, and what are your interests.

e.g. If you want to read books – First choose a few books of your choice (like your favorite author/ favorite journal), then make a habit of reading at least a few pages of the book as per your schedule. If you are a reader, you will enjoy it. But if you are not a reader, books act as tranquilizers to you. But still wanted to know about certain books. In my suggestion instead of watching the short description of books on youtube, please choose audiobooks (Audible or Storytell). You will learn much more from the book than from a summary.

Here are a few links of must-read- “Take your pick”

Picture credit- SB score

LifeHa, Bill Gates Picks, Times of India List, Goodreads, Open Library, Manybooks

Here are a few sites offering useful courses, that might help improve your Life-

If you want to learn a new skill to add substance to your life. Search and shortlist the sites which are offering the course. Once the selection is made, make a timetable to finish the course on time. Just choosing the course is not enough but doing it properly will help you add it to your benefit.


Udemy, Skill Share, Upwork, upGrad

If you want to cook or bake new things, start doing it. There are various mediums to learn nowadays.

You can even capture your experience as a blog or share it on a different platform and help others to learn.

e.g. I came across the beautiful movie “Julie & Julia” on Netflix. In this movie, the main protagonist starts cooking all the recipes of her favorite Cook and makes a blog on it. She challenged herself to finish all 99 recipes in 99 days. She used to prepare one recipe a day and used to write her experience on her blog (like, what she bought, what are the challenges she faced, and how she got compliments for her dishes). Guess what, she not only become a good cook by the end but also her blog become quite popular too. So, we can never be sure about life, but we can always find a way out.

“Great Opportunities are not seen through Eyes, but throw Brain”

In a nutshell– Don’t get frustrated with life, due to the circumstances. Keep busy your mind learning new things. Because if you won’t make your mind busy, it will keep you busy in unnecessary thoughts.

It is our brain, which needs new things for excitement, it keeps asking for more to be satisfied. So if you keep it occupied in constructive work, your life will be in your control. It is up to us how we will handle our “Thanatophobia”.

“It is always good to grow your income than to cut your expenses”.

Just like that- “It is more important to grow your spirit than to cut your dreams”.

I hope this write-up cheers you up to try a few new things, if so, please do share your suggestions.

Thank you


The links shared here are affiliate links, I may receive a payment in connection with purchases of products or services featured in this article.


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