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12 Ways How Discrimination Impacts Society- through the Story of Ekalavya- The sacrifice that made Arjun the best warrior

Reading Time: 13 minutes What is Discrimination and its Impact on Society- In the world today, there are many forms of discrimination. From overt discrimination to subtle racism and casual sexism to more intense forms of prejudice (Caste, Religion, Community, Social status) that are harder to detect and require a certain level of awareness. Read more…

need for women empowerment

Unleashing Women’s Power: 10 Key Insights for the Need for women empowerment, Where Men Empower Women for Her Triumph

Reading Time: 9 minutes Lets talk about the need for women empowerment- Categorizing people based on gender is unreasonable, and what is worse is judging people’s potential by their gender. To overcome these categorical racism and to have an independent role in society, women’s empowerment is needed. However, people think Empowering women is fighting Read more…