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A new way to celebrate your singlehood with Sky Christmas movies

Single Bells All the Way, 6 Must-Watch Sky Christmas Movies Celebrating Self-Love & Friendship this Holiday Season

Reading Time: 7 minutes Forget the Jingle, Lets Single all the way- Surfing through the Netflix Christmas movies, I have noticed that almost all these Christmas movies always revolve around finding a date for Christmas dinner or finding the happily ever after. Why do all Christmas movie needs a mistletoe, like Mistletoe is a Read more…


6 Facts about Data-Driven Decision-Making: The Ultimate Guiding Light in a World of Uncertainty

Reading Time: 7 minutes What is Data-Driven Decision-Making (DDDM)- In a world constantly overloaded with information, making the right decision can seem like an undeniably difficult task. Emotions often cloud our judgment, leading us down paths of regret and missed opportunities. In such scenarios, data-driven decision-making comes into action. “Use of Emotions in Logical Read more…

balanced screen time

6 Tips to Attend Digital Harmony: Adapt Recommended Screen Time by Age for a Balanced Lifestyle

Reading Time: 7 minutes What is Recommended Screen Time- In an era dominated by screens, understanding the optimal usage for different age groups is crucial for overall well-being. This guide will explore the recommended hours, potential negative impacts, and future challenges associated with screen time across various age brackets. How much screen time is Read more…