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  • How to Let Go of Anger and Grudges: 5 Simple Guide to Finding Peace
    Reading Time: 4 minutes Why it is important to Let Go of Anger and Grudges- In my journey through life’s ups and downs, I’ve realized that holding onto anger and grudges doesn’t serve anyone. There were times I clung to resentment, convinced that I was justified in my bitterness. But with each passing year, […]
  • Over-expectations Can Make You Feel, You Are Not Good Enough-Learn to Recognize it’s signs
    Reading Time: 4 minutes What is Over-Expectations- As an introvert, I’ve spent many years trying to mold myself into someone, others would like. I attended social gatherings despite feeling drained, tried to be like my confident extroverted peers, and pushed myself to meet expectations that never truly aligned with who I am. Every time […]
  • Are You a Highly Sensitive Person? 10 Surprising Traits That Define You!
    Reading Time: 3 minutes Being a highly sensitive person (HSP) is a unique trait that affects many individuals. It’s characterized by a deep processing of emotions and environmental stimuli. If you often feel overwhelmed by sensory input or are highly empathetic, you might be an HSP. Here are 10 signs that indicate you might […]
  • 12 Common Habits That Instantly Ruin Your First Impression
    Reading Time: 2 minutes First impressions are crucial. They can set the tone for any relationship, whether personal or professional. Unfortunately, many common behaviors can unintentionally ruin these crucial moments. 12 things that can negatively impact a first impression: 1. Poor Eye Contact Making little or no eye contact can come across as disinterest […]

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