12 Ways How Discrimination Impacts Society- through the Story of Ekalavya

What is Discrimination and its Impact on Society- In the world today, there are many forms of discrimination. From overt discrimination to subtle racism and casual sexism to more intense… Read More

3 things to Redefine Modern Indian Women, How She can Make a Difference in Society Through the Story of “Ahalya”?

"She Believed she could and She did" The co-relation between Ahalya and the Modern Indian Women- I believe this is high time, the role of Indian women shall be re-defined… Read More

The “Sati” Series, 5 Most Controversial Women of Indian Mythology Re-defined-

In this series, I am going to write about these unusually courageous and controversial women, who had gone through various life challenges and proved their strength with dignity. Hindu mythology… Read More

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