The “Sati” Series, 5 Most Controversial Women of Indian Mythology Re-defined-

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In this series, I am going to write about these unusually courageous and controversial women, who had gone through various life challenges and proved their strength with dignity.

Hindu mythology is very interesting as well as complicated at the same time. I am not going to disgrace my culture or religion. My intention is not to hurt anyone’s beliefs. this is just my perception on this topic. Redefining these women from a modern Indian outlook.

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A Controversial topic such as this is always a risk but I choose this to give it a new perspective as a remembrance to my grandfather. When I was a child, my Grandfather used to tell many mythological stories. He had particularly insisted me and my sister take the Pancha Sati (5 Sati, woman who is pure or true, in mythological terms). He used to tell taking their names will help us build up a strong character and bold personality.

Being children we didn’t really understand what he meant. but now when I look back and analyze the thought behind it, the wisdom my grandfather wanted to seeded into us, made me write this series.

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Before starting the series, I must say something about what Sathi means-

SATI– It is a Sanskrit word, derived from the word ‘asti’, which means ‘she is pure or true’. In mythology, we consider five women as SATI- These are a group of five Iconic Women of Hindu Mythology, who one or the other way played an important role in either Ramayana or Mahabharata (The most important granthas of Hindu Mythology)

The Shloka of the Sati– Ahalya, Draupadi, Tara, Kunti , Mandodari tatha pancha kanya smaranaya maha paapo vinashateh.

The Shloka means- These five names, extolled in a hymn are believed to dispel sin when recited.  However, I don’t believe by taking any of God’s names will make your sins any less. But as mentioned earlier it helps us to be strong and level-headed to avoid doing wrong things.

Now coming back to the topic. Let’s start with who these five controversial women were. These women were part of great scriptures Mahabharata and Ramayana.

The 5 Controversial Women-

Ahalya– The Wife of Rishi Gauthama, saved by Lord Rama, ” The one thing with no Ugliness

Draupadi– The Wife of The Pandavas of Mahabharata- ” The unwanted Daughter and a Shared Bride

Tara– The Wife of Shugriva (The monkey King from Ramayana)- ” The Intelligent Women, who Knows her Worth

Kunti– The Mother of The Pandavas of Mahabharata- ” The Queen Mother with a Controversial Past

Mandodori– The Wife of Ravana of Ramayana- ” The Loyal Wife of the Devil King

All these women were a part of the controversial acts, whether knowingly or unknowingly, for which they had paid a huge prize. They have been disgraced, emotionally tortured, and been questioned on their integrity throughout their lives.

As a little girl, these things were too hard for me to understand but now that I analyze my Grand father’s advice, He didn’t really want us to become like them. But to learn from their mistakes and how they combat the circumstances with courage. By knowing about these controversial women and their stories, will make us learn how to live our lives with courage and handle all situations with grace and patience.

Whether these controversial yet courageous women need to be praised or be disgraced for their actions. What happened to them was justified or not. I will leave that to my readers.

The Series will Follow…..

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  • Yes indeed the same to thought surrounded my mind but later I could see the United Indian .

  • Thank you so much for appreciating the idea, I do agree Indian mythology is full of wisdom. I would like to redefine them with a modern perspective.
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