The Ultimate King Maker- 5 strong facts about an Iconic woman of Indian Mythology

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Who is a King Maker-

The “King Maker” is someone who helps to make a leader a force to reckon with, without having any desire for the position themselves.

This is one of Pancha Kanya of the “Sati Series“, my attempt at redefining these iconic women of Indian mythology.

Tara was the Queen of Kishkinda, and the wife of Bali- the monkey king. Bali had a brother named Sugreev (who helped Lord Ram rescue Sita from Ravana).

picture credit- roysbangla

The Story of Tara’s emotional journey starts- when her husband Bali went into a cave to fight against a Demon.

He instructed his brother Sugreev that if he won’t come out within a month, then he must consider him dead and take over the Throne of Kishkinda.

So Sugreev waited for a month and when his brother didn’t come out after one month, he obeyed brother.

The twist happened when Bali returns alive out of the cave after killing Demon.

He blamed his brother for being a traitor and disowned him from Kishkinda.

Sugreev requests Lord Ram to help do justice and in return, he will help him in the rescue of Sita.

Lord Ram kills Bali and Sugreev got his kingdom Kishkinda back and made Tara his Queen.

Tara as King Maker-

1-She was emotionally strong– when Bali was assumed to be dead in the cave, she respected her husband’s last wish and accepted Sugreev as the new king of Kishkinda instead of her son Angad being the king.

2-She was a very wise decision-maker– When Sugreev calls Bali for combat, Tara knew Sugreev’s friendship with Lord Ram. so she advised her husband not to accept but to have a calm discussion with his brother. but Bali didn’t listen to her and it becomes his untimely demise.

3-Devoted wife– when Bali was killed by Lord Ram, she in respect of her husband wanted to be a Sati with him. Tara requested Ram killed her with the same arrow which killed her husband. 

Ram consoled her and said, 

Wives of heroes never sink into despair.

picture credit- Qoura

4-Tara was courageous and present at the battlefield where the brothers fought. Bali advised Sugreev to always listened to Tara’s advice in every decision. He mentioned, “Tara’s advice never goes without effect”.

She as the king maker rebuked the monkeys, who started fleeing after King Bali’s fall. She convinced them the kingdom is safe and they will be taken care of by their new king. 

5-Woman who knew her strength-when Sugreev got his kingdom back, he indulges in the luxury and forgets about his commitment to Ram to help rescue Site. Which made Lakshmana angry. When furious Lakshmana came to counter Sugreev, he was too afraid to face Lakshmana.

picture credit- exotic India art

That’s when Tara uses her feminism and politeness like the King Maker. She understood that the only way to pacify his rage is by diverting his attention.

So she came out to receive Lakshman with a disheveled look, her hair wasn’t tied and her saree was half slipped from her shoulder.

Looking at her Lakhsman realized, his intervention was not right and apologized to Tara.

This is how she very tactfully and with kind and polished words used her feminism and was able to convince Lakshmana, that her husband had not forgotten his promise and he will do his best to rescue Sita.

Now the Re-view part begins for this Ultimate King Maker-

What a modern Indian woman shall learn from Tara`

It is an irony that in the Panchakanya, all women have more than one partner and yet are considered as “Sati”. What is the reason these women are considered to be role models? well in this write-up, let’s bring some light on Tara’s life-

At that age when women were known to be someone’s daughter or wife or mother. When women were supposed to have lost all individuality, Tara stands out for her independent views, wise decision-making, and tactful behavior.

All these traits made her the king maker. When Kishkinda needed to be in harmony, both the heir to the throne lost their senses over silly ego battles. Both Bali and Sugreev were convinced about her ability and relied on her.

  • No matter the circumstances never lose your wit, sometimes looking at the same problem, from a different perspective gives the solution to it.
  • It is always wise to have a positive outlook under all circumstances.
  • Know your abilities and how to use them tactfully when required.
  • Anything can be achieved with a calm mind and a polite approach.
  • If you live by strong ideologies, even God has to bow down to you.

The true power of a woman lies in being feminine and soft, yet strong and courageous when required.

Some more guidance on this important lesson-

Here are a few books that could help you relate to this story. Books by strong independent writers and their views on how important it is to create your individuality in this world.

Finding My Voice by Valerie Jarrett

The longest-serving senior advisor to Mr. Obama. She was a single mom and a miserable, mediocre associate at a law firm.

This book narrates her journey from a nobody to a top political leader.

This book will definitely connect and inspire the younger generation to find their individuality.

Know My Name by Chanel Miller

It is a book about how we think about sexual assault, and how to cope with the challenges associated with it.

This book definitely will question the stereotypical belief system associated with sexual assault.

This modern classic is great work portraying pain, strength, and struggle with a touch of humor.

It is a must-read for the younger generation, it will help them to prepare themselves for unseen challenges they might face in life and will be able to come out stronger than ever.

No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference, by Greta Thunberg

This book is a compilation of the climate activist Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old who demanded that “world leaders” finally listen to this major issue.

How her initiative actually start a movement and make people realize, we must do something reasonable before we lose the most precious thing we live in called “Earth”.

UNBOWED by Wangari Maathai

The best way to learn history is through lived experiences of activists, who worked against a system, which is structured to oppress them.

This book depicts the journey of this Nobel Peace Prize winner, who was eventually elected as a member of Kenya’s parliament. Her persistence and fierce determination made her powerful. Her journey is nothing short of heroic.

Becoming by Michelle Obama  

Who else will be a better example of an ultimate king maker than this former first lady of the US!!

An unfiltered honest memoir of their journey, struggles, and unbeatable spirit that she lived with.

This book is a must-read for all who, are going through tough times or lacking motivation in their lives. As she said -“At 54, I am still in progress, and I hope that I always will be”.

When I started this series, my intention was to give my readers a fresh perspective on Indian mythology.

What exactly are ancestors want us to learn from all these epic characters and stories? My intention here is not to criticize or hurt anyone’s sentiments.

Hope this write-up and the suggestions made here will help you develop a strong personality.

We are always up for constructive feedback and suggestions. Please feel free to comment with your views or drop an email.

Thank you

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