5 Important Inner Beauty Concepts to Learn from The Ugly Duckling-

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What exactly is inner beauty concept-

“You are not Borne to Impress, You are Borne to embrace, the real You”

The Ugly Duckling” is an age old story with the moral lesson for people to accept themselves for who they truly are in order to became who they are borne to be. The lessons to be learned from this story-

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The absolute acceptation of your true-self, is the best way to nurture and be the best version of you

1. Do not judge your abilities by other’s opinions

2. Do not try to fit in, when you are borne to stand out

3. Do not beg for attention, be your own role model

4. People criticize the thing, they do not understand.

5. Best things in life comes with Patience

When you stop copying others and start working on who you are, you become the best version of yourself

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Do not judge your abilities by other’s opinions-

The inner beauty concept, starts with “You“. What you think about yourself is more important than what others think about you. The biggest mistake we do in our life is that, we give importance to others opinions for our existence. The true inner beauty concept is to feel good about yourself with or without validations from others.

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Do not try to fit in, when you are borne to stand out

What made the duckling sad was, she tried to fit in to the group, she was surrounded with. As we all do at some point of our life. Our surrounding make a huge impact in our life. Where you are borne, what kind of people are influencing your life. What have been taught to you everyday. All these things impact our thought process and eventually build our personality. The true inner beauty concept here trying to tell us- if you try to be like others in order to be accepted- ” You will loose the Essence of your life”. Everything on earth have a purpose. When you do not accept what you exactly are, you get deviated from your life’s purpose.

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Do not beg for attention, be your own role model

Life begins, when you come out of your mother’s womb. But You Start living when you find out, Why you are Borne. You are certainly not borne to impress others or follow what others want you to do. You are borne to be “YOU”. The duckling was sad, not because who she was but because she lost her individuality to fit in to a tribe, who are constantly criticizing her.

The worse thing you could do to yourself is to loosing yourself in the process to get other’s acceptance. The inner beauty concept says-Instead of trying to fit in, try to make your own individuality shine. you might became a role model to others, who are going through the same kind of pain.

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People criticize the thing, they do not understand

The duckling was criticized because of her appearance as her tribe was unware of swan. The important fact is people most often find it hard to accept something which they do not understand or rationalize. Whether it is the duckling, Mowgli or Tarzan, they all faced discrimination and criticism. But none of those criticism were rational, its rather a lack of knowledge or some kind jealousy that provoke people to not accept something they do not understand.

The inner beauty concept say- the best way to deal with such irrational criticism is to walk away, stay away and do not let others to bi-little you by any means.

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Best things in life comes with Patience

One should always stay calm and develop oneself further. Everyone deals with tough times in life. The challenges supposed to make you stronger not weaker. Having Patience will improves your ability to accept setbacks and enjoy life much more. “Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting. ”There is a saying; “Good things come to those who wait.” but if you maintain calm while waiting, it will make your life easier and more enjoyable.

The Moment the duckling accept its reality, that she is different from others, she just open a new path to find her identity-Practice accepting your current circumstances. That new path lead her to her to a place, where see finds her true identity as beautiful swan.

The gist of it is, having patience through tough time and accepting your circumstances as stepping stone for a better outcome will lead you to greater success.

The inner beauty concept is-Don’t let the world be little your true potential. Take the leap of Faith and embrace the pain. Time and Perseverance will lead you to a bigger and better future.

Why to settle as a Duck, when you are borne to be a Swan

My write up never ends without some relevant book suggestions, so here are few books which will help you relate to this concept.

Know Your True Potential by Dr Deepak Arora

This book is great read for youngsters and their parents. This book narrates about the struggles and dilemma youngsters face in their lives these days and how to over come them. It provides a fresh interesting prospective on new age parenting. Dr. Deepak have pen down his life’s experiences by providing doable solutions to the problems, and definitely not in a boring motivational way.

I recommend this fictional story with great prospective to everyone, who is looking for a fresh outlook to tackle their mundane life, which otherwise hard to handle with conventional concepts. Give an edge to your life by enhancing your knowledge on the inner beauty concept.

The Courage To Be Disliked: How to free yourself, change your life and achieve real happiness by Ichiro Kishimi and Fumitake Koga

This book will help you in understanding how to use twentieth-century psychological theory to find true happiness. It’s the philosophy which is simplified and profoundly explained in this book, which is allowing us to be courageous to embrace change, and ignore the limitations that we and those around us put into our mind.

the whole book is a dialogue between two people – which felt a little awkward and labored at first. There are lots of interesting psychological arguments and opportunities to delve into your own attitudes to life which will give another prospective to make you understand the inner beauty concept. Definitely recommend reading!

If you are going through hard times in life, lost between failures and indecision, or struggling with self acceptance, this is your holy guide to life.

The Gutsy Girl Handbook: Your Manifesto for Success by Kate White

This book is a great resource for girls, who are facing professional challenges, constant gender discrimination, causal approach to their opinions or work place harassment. This book could help in building confidence, time management and great negotiation skills. It offers dozens doable strategies to everyday work place challenges.

The writer was an editor-in-chief of one of the world’s most reputed magazine Cosmopolitan. She used all her experience and wisdom to write about what inspires women to own their excellence, whether to break the rules (or make their own). Ask for the money and opportunities they deserve, and refuse to apologize for who they are and what they want in life. Take smart risks, be fearless and never hesitate to ask what you deserve. An easy read with excellent examples to refer.

Creative Visualization: Use The Power Of Your Imagination To Create What You Want In Life by SHAKTI GAWAIN

It is always said, if you think you can think you can do it, then you definitely can. This book will teach about how to visualize, what you are wanting in your life. The techniques mentioned in this book are very practical and useful. By giving a shape to what you are thinking in your mind, make your determination even stronger to achieve it.

The affirmations given in this book are what makes it a treasure. practicing the techniques and affirmations daily will help you achieve positive changes in your life. The true inner beauty concept lies in strengthening your core.

The Confidence Gap: A Guide to Overcoming Fear and Self-Doubt by Russ Harris

The confidence Gap It’s that place we get stuck when fear gets in the way of our dreams and ambitions. If you feel like a lack of confidence is holding you back from trying a new thing, or Do you feel like you are not ready before you go after your goals or if you are feeling stuck in life due to fear and anxiety…

Whatever it is that’s that is impacting your self-confidence, this book will help you repair that gap between procrastination and taking action. This book has mentioned the technique of “ACT”- which will be a really refreshing approach to build up your confidence.

A-Accept your thoughts and feelings
C-Chose valued direction
T-Take action mindfully

Counting Hope: From Conflict to Confidence by Hope Mueller

This is an emotional journey of Hope, who manage addiction, abuse and how to find an escape through all these. How she overcome addiction, domestic violence and make her way through from the darkest period of her life to a brighter and successful future. This book is a walk through the author’s emotional ride of discovery to how our younger years impact our future. The Author manages to fuel her drive and goal-oriented attitude to uncovering her self-worth is what makes this book a worth reading.

Hope this write-up gave you a fresh perspective on life.

Thank you for reading it- Constructive feedbacks are most welcome. If you have any suggestions for our blog, please drop feel free to drop an email or a comment below.

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