Discipline- 7 Reasons how it is the strongest form of Self Love

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It is the strongest form of self love. Its all about choosing Duty over Desire….

It is a much more complex thing then what we usually pursue. It requires strong will power to be disciplined and to continue as a duty rather than necessity. It is a love/hate relationship with your body and mind. Where your mind ask for short term pleasure, body wants comfort but you have to take control of both in order to get long term achievements.

Discipline is always been taught as, go to bed on time, rise early, brush your teeth before bed, fold your clothes, read sincerely, dress properly, and blah blah

All of the above things might sound tedious and unwelcoming. But my friends, we know how important these things are. We may not feel like doing it but can we really deny the results of a disciplined life?

Discipline for me is to have strong control over your current pleasure to get greater rewards in the future.

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Why Discipline shall be practiced-

  • To overcome one’s weaknesses, by resisting all temptations
  • Boost your confidence and opens endless possibilities
  • Leads you to a healthier life
  • Gives you Freedom of life
  • Makes you a mentally strong person- “self-motivated”
  • It makes your life simple and organized
  • Strongest Form of “Self Love”

Overcome one’s weaknesses, by resisting all temptations-

There are times where you wanted to go to your favorite pop star concert or watch a basketball match. But what you need to do is to study for your next paper or complete the assignment that needs to be submitted on time.

Being discipline is to understand what you need to do and what you have to do. it is all about controlling your temptation and overcome your weakness.

It may feel tougher to do, but it needs to be done to get the results in long run.

Boost your confidence and opens endless possibilities-

When you lead a disciplined life, you open up yourself to endless opportunities. When you pull through difficult times in spite of emotional distress, that’s when your discipline helps you win over the circumstances.

Your success is guaranteed when you prioritize your goals over your failures. You can easily figure out the reason for your failure and come out with a strategy to rectify it.

Leads you to a healthier life-

Needless to say, how a disciplined life is equivalent to a healthier life. T

Starting with Physical exercise, mental peace, healthy eating habits, healthy sleep routine, and practice positive thinking. all of these and more are part of leading a disciplined life.

Running an extra mile, controlling the temptation of that delicious cheese burst pizza, or saying no to a late-night party. All these things may sound brutal, but most definitely will pay big time in the long run.

This is when the Practice of Discipline will Distinguish you from the Rest.

Gives you Freedom of life-

It may be hard to digest this statement but it’s true. You can achieve the freedom- of living a financially independent life, freedom from unjust activities, or simply managing your daily routine in a way, it will give you more free time. Which gives you the freedom of choice of how you want to spend it.

“The only way to get to a place of freedom is through discipline. Jocko Willink”

Makes you a mentally strong person- self-motivated-

The most difficult lesson of life is to keep going when everything is falling apart, failures, rejection, and constant criticism drain us both physically as well as mentally.

This is a time where Discipline plays a strong role- you need to self-motivate yourself and keep moving forward. It is the time where you have to train your brain- “you can do this, you are tougher than the problems”

It makes your life simple and organized-

Even though it is hard to practice descipline, but it is true that discipline makes your life easier.

Lack of discipline will lead to a lethargic life, where indulgence rules over the responcibilities.

Today’s choices decide your tomorrow.

Make wise decisions today, you will never regret them.

What is self love

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It is to love yourself in a hard way that, today’s efforts will bring greater rewards tomorrow. (Ahhh what I meant is like making effort to impress your boss with that presentation, or sacrificing your favorite match to prepare for your exams, or giving up on the luscious chocolate cake to achieve that weight you desire).

Why I think it’s the strongest form of love-

Love is a feeling when we put someone else’s need before us, we care about that person more than our needs.

Then why can’t we love our body, mind, and soul? We shall show that strongest form of emotions to our future self by being disciplined.

We love our bodies, so we will maintain a healthy lifestyle today. We want our self to be successful, so we will make a plan of action today.

We love our soul, so we will disconnect from negative people and situations in order to get that peace of mind which will enrich our soul. It is not really as difficult as it sounds

When you will start believing in it..you can also help your kids understand it as well, Learn from your own mistakes and improve.

The following few Books might help you-

Here is a free Kindle edition of a beautiful book on Discipline, hope you will enjoy it.

Please give it a thought. If I will be able to inspire at least one person with these words, I would think I am going in the right direction.

Being an immature writer, I just wrote down my thought of the day, please respond if you like it or you have any suggestions. Please feel free to drop an email or a comment.

I am open to suggestions or healthy criticism. I learn to love myself in the strongest way and I want all of you to love yourself in a way that, nothing can disturb your peace of mind.

Thank you

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