Creative Writing

10 Step-by-Step Guide to Develop EQ through Emotional Intelligence Assessment in Your Life

Emotional intelligence (EI) or Emotional Quotient (EQ) is the buzzword that has been gaining popularity over the past few years. It may sound like just some trendy words, but EQ… Read More

Discovering 10 Ultimate Ways How Men Empower Women for Their Triumph Through Mythology

Let's talk about the need for women's empowerment- Categorizing people based on gender is unreasonable, and what is worse is judging people's potential by their gender. To overcome this categorical… Read More

5 Important Inner Beauty Concepts to Learn from The Ugly Duckling-

What is the "inner beauty concept"- It is the beauty within, beyond the standards of societal norms, fashion trends, or social media influence. The things that define you, are not… Read More

3 Important Lessons about Life to Learn from the Ancient but Effective Cobra Technique

Reading Time: 7 minutes One of the most important life lessons to learn is to have healthy boundaries-Boundaries are about the protection of your mind body and soul, giving you… Read More

The Ultimate King Maker- 5 strong facts about an Iconic woman of Indian Mythology

Who is a King Maker- The "King Maker" is someone who helps to make a leader a force to reckon with, without having any desire for the position themselves. This… Read More

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